Why Realistic Toy Guns Are Incredibly Dangerous

Rocky River Police have encountered children and young adults playing with very realistic looking air soft guns.

Fortunately, no one was hurt during the process, but we dealt with angry and less than understanding community members.

Please read this post by the North Ridgeville police, look at the pictures, and think carefully about using or allowing your children to use these replica guns.

Senior Citizens Targeted in Banking Scam

It has been reported that there have been new scams targeting Senior Citizens, and a few residents have fallen victims to this activity.

In the past month, we have had several senior citizens who have been contacted by a male stating that he is working for a local Police Department and that someone had attempted to cash fake checks at two banks using their account information. This male identified himself as working for the Elyria Police Department and another victim stated that this male was working for the Cleveland Police Department. The suspect then asked the victims to work "undercover" and withdraw large sums of money in an effort to catch the perpetrators. 

If you are ever contacted by someone who identifies themselves as a Police Officer and requests that you assist them in catching someone who has accessed their bank accounts, immediately contact the Rocky River Police Department so we can take action. DO NOT GIVE any personal information over the phone. Confirm whom you are talking to by calling that police agency back to verify employment. A Police Officer will never ask you to withdraw cash to assist them in catching a criminal.

Gain Insight into How Police Officers Work with Citizen Police Academy

This Plain Dealer article provides great knowledge into the importance of neighbors understanding how effective police officers can be with the assistance and understanding of their local community. 

The article details how participants "are encouraged to become vocal ambassadors for improved police and community relations."

We suspect the participants in the Rocky River CPA have similar things to say. Send us a message if you're interested in participating in the next Rocky River CPA!

Help Your Community with Citizen Police Academy

The Rocky River Police Department is proud to offer a Citizen Police Academy, and the sixth class of our CPA is currently underway and scheduled to graduate in May. 

We invite you to read this article offering insights into the world Police Officers face and the benefits that can be gained from the entire community when citizens become involved in a Citizen Police Academy. 

If you're interested in participating in the next CPA, or have questions, please send us a message with your name and email address. We invite you to stay tuned to our Facebook page for class announcements, or contact Lt. Lichman at the Police Department.


Unlocked Vehicles Entered on January 23rd

Numerous unlocked vehicles were entered overnight on January 23rd in the area of Telbir-Shoreland-Riverview-Rockland.

On the early morning hours of Sunday, January 23rd numerous vehicles were entered and property was removed by unknown suspect(s). All of the vehicles were unlocked at the time of the thefts. The thefts were reported on Riverview, Shoreland, Telbir & Rockland areas. These types of incidents are crimes of opportunity. Suspect(s) will tour the area under cover of darkness and pull on a car door, if it opens they enter quickly and take anything in plain sight. If your car is locked they move on.

PLEASE remember to lock your car doors and secure your valuables in your trunk if you choose to leave them in your automobile overnight, or during the day for that matter. By working together we can greatly diminish these crimes in our city. 

Snow Ban Enforced when Two or More Inches of Snow Falls

The City of Rocky River has a parking ban law in effect when two inches of snow falls during a twenty-four hour period.

Please be aware during a snow event that once accumulation reaches two (2) inches the parking ban automatically goes into effect and no parking is allowed on city streets. The snow ban ends when either the accumulation is reduced to less than two inches, or until the snow ban is lifted by the City.