The Rocky River Police Bicycle Patrol Unit 

In the Spring of 2015, the Department implemented its first Bike Patrol Unit with a fleet of four Giant Talon 1 Mountain Bikes. All members of the BPU are certified by the International Police Mountain Bike Association as Police Cyclists. 

Bike patrols are very versatile and can be used effectively for community oriented policing and law enforcement. Officers on bikes are better able to be a part of the community because they are outside and exposed to more sights, sounds, and smells. 

Officers use bicycles to patrol residential neighborhoods, City parks, and business districts during day and night hours. They can be seen at community events like concerts, River Days, the Bike to School Challenge, parades, and more. 

The BPU is possible as a result of a collaboration of the Rocky River Police Department, the Rocky River Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, the Rocky River City School District, Giant Bicycles, Century Cycles, and generous donations from other community members.