Senior Citizens Targeted in Banking Scam

It has been reported that there have been new scams targeting Senior Citizens, and a few residents have fallen victims to this activity.

In the past month, we have had several senior citizens who have been contacted by a male stating that he is working for a local Police Department and that someone had attempted to cash fake checks at two banks using their account information. This male identified himself as working for the Elyria Police Department and another victim stated that this male was working for the Cleveland Police Department. The suspect then asked the victims to work "undercover" and withdraw large sums of money in an effort to catch the perpetrators. 

If you are ever contacted by someone who identifies themselves as a Police Officer and requests that you assist them in catching someone who has accessed their bank accounts, immediately contact the Rocky River Police Department so we can take action. DO NOT GIVE any personal information over the phone. Confirm whom you are talking to by calling that police agency back to verify employment. A Police Officer will never ask you to withdraw cash to assist them in catching a criminal.