Unlocked Vehicles Entered on January 23rd

Numerous unlocked vehicles were entered overnight on January 23rd in the area of Telbir-Shoreland-Riverview-Rockland.

On the early morning hours of Sunday, January 23rd numerous vehicles were entered and property was removed by unknown suspect(s). All of the vehicles were unlocked at the time of the thefts. The thefts were reported on Riverview, Shoreland, Telbir & Rockland areas. These types of incidents are crimes of opportunity. Suspect(s) will tour the area under cover of darkness and pull on a car door, if it opens they enter quickly and take anything in plain sight. If your car is locked they move on.

PLEASE remember to lock your car doors and secure your valuables in your trunk if you choose to leave them in your automobile overnight, or during the day for that matter. By working together we can greatly diminish these crimes in our city.